For ingredients of each product, please refer to the product page.

Ingredients used by Bare Sundays are:

  • Natural ,except for preservatives when required
  • Australian grown, where available. We support Australian farmers and will use Australian grown ingredients when we can source them.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Aluminium free
  • Paraben/phthalate free
  • Synthetic fragrance free

Whilst we use some organic ingredients, our focus is on supporting Australian growers. Most smaller farms cannot afford to get their products organically certified even though they produce amazing, high quality products. We did not want this to be the reason to not use and support Australian farmers. 

We are proud to use and source the following Australian grown products:

Hemp Seed Oil - Kingston,Tasmania

Vanilla Beans - Far North Queensland 

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil - Dondingalong NSW, Wauchope, Meerscham  Vale, Airlie Beach.

Lime, Orange, Mandarin Essential Oils - Citrus Oil Cooperative in Victoria 

Lavender Essential Oil - Kingston, Tasmania

Rosemary Essential Oil - Australia

Unrefined Beeswax - Douglas, Victoria and local beekeepers Sydney, NSW.