I bought my first natural deodorant in 2015 after wanting to reduce chemical use and being tired of smelling like BO after using 'traditional' deodorant. I loved that natural deodorant stopped body odour, but it did unfortunately give me a rash.  After that first trial I was still hooked on finding a formula that suited my skin.  After much research, testing and smelling armpits, including my teenage boys (ewww) a soft and creamy formula was perfected. I formulated it to be suitable to most skin types and also hold up to the changing Australian temperatures. My family and friends also got hooked on using my deodorant and demanded I make it, so that's how Bare Sundays Skincare was born.

We are constantly researching, testing and adding new products to our range, so please  keep in touch to hear about new product launches and any offers or specials.




  • Use natural and/or organic ingredients as much as we can (in some cases it is necessary to use synthetic ingredients such as preservatives to ensure customer health & safety in our water based products)
  • Support Australian farmers by buying Australian grown ingredients where available. All ingredients are sourced within Australia.
  • Use eco friendly packaging
  • Do not test on animals
  • Provide fantastic customer support
  • Provide 100% satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee



    Bare Sundays Skincare

    ABN: 60 928 959 427